Thank you for visiting the Air & Water Show website. We hope you support the Milwaukee Air & Water Show by purchasing a reserved ticket for one of the reserved areas!   Although we have constructed this web site and process to be as user friendly as possible, we understand that anyone can have questions.

How does the Air & Water Show Ticket Process Work?
If you have a computer, printer, and internet access, you simply select the tickets you want to purchase. After supplying payment information, you print the tickets. When you arrive at the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, your printed ticket is scanned at the Reserved Seating admissions gate, and you are provided a daily wristband as you enter. It’s that simple!

The key to the ticket you print is the two-dimensional barcode. All the readable information on the face of the ticket is encrypted and then encoded into this barcode. It also contains a unique identifying number called a digital signature. This digital signature is evidence of payment for the ticket you have printed. When your ticket is scanned, the digital signature on your ticket is compared to the one we recorded. If it is valid, you are admitted. If the digital signature is not valid for that event, admittance is denied.   Because it is evidence of payment, you must treat your Online Printed Ticket with the same level of respect you have for traditional tickets. Don’t make copies of the ticket or deface it in any way.

How do I buy a ticket?
You’ll first be making a choice to buy your tickets for a specific seating area or ticket type, for you, your family members and guests at the Air & Water Show, at the Milwaukee Lakefront. There are seven easy, self-explanatory steps to purchase a ticket. Once you have selected the tickets you wish to purchase, you will have 15 minutes to complete the purchase transaction.

  • Select your Air & Water Show ticket type (CenterPoint, Flight Line Club, Sky Chalet)
  • Select your Air & Water Show parking pass (sold separately)
  • Enter the name of the ticket holder(s)
  • Confirm your purchase
  • Enter your payment information
  • Print your ticket


IMPORTANT: Write down your Transaction ID and PIN and keep them in a secure place. You will need both your transaction ID and PIN to transfer tickets, access unprinted tickets, or recover lost or stolen tickets.   When you purchase tickets, you will be sent an e-mail confirmation of your purchase. This e-mail confirmation will include your transaction ID.   Please print this e-mail and save it in a secure place. These numbers are used for security checks for recovering tickets that have been lost or stolen.

How do I pay for my ticket purchases?
All Air & Water Show ticket purchases are paid for by credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. All credit card information and transactions are secure.

What do I do if I lose my ticket (or my dog eats my ticket)?
When you purchased tickets, you were assigned a transaction ID and PIN.   When you wish to have a ticket re-issued because you have lost or misplaced it, go to the main page and click on “Reissue tickets that have been lost or stolen.” You will be prompted to enter your transaction ID and your PIN. The system will then invalidate the ticket that was lost or stolen and create a new ticket for you to print. The new ticket will be available for printing as it was when you first purchased it.

If you’ve misplaced your transaction ID, you may contact ExtremeTix Customer Service for assistance: 1-888-695-0888. Press option No. 2 for Customer Service.

The old ticket has been canceled and cannot be used. If it is presented at the venue, it will be invalid.

What is that funny looking square on the ticket?
That would be a two-dimensional bar code. We all have seen one-dimensional bar codes in supermarkets and other stores. They are scanned to get the correct pricing and control inventory. One-dimensional bar codes only contain a small amount of information. The digital signatures (What is a digital signature, and should I care?), explained below, contains a great deal of information and is required for your ticket to be your self-contained evidence of payment.

In order to get all the data we need into a bar code, we must use a two-dimensional one. There are many types, but we selected the one called a DataMatrix. This is the only code that can be scanned quickly enough to get you through the gate.

The bar code is the heart of the ticket and if modified, will be scanned as invalid. This is to protect against someone copying your ticket and making a small change to the bar code in an attempt to gain entry to the event for which you have purchased a ticket. It simply cannot be done. Aren’t you glad we have that funny looking square thing on the ticket?

What is encryption and should I care?
Yes, you should care. Encryption is the process by which data (in this case information about you) is jumbled beyond recognition by a computer program. It is not mathematically feasible for any one person to break the encryption algorithms we employ. Encryption allows for secure transmission of your data to the various processing centers (like the Credit Authorizers), as well as for protection and evidence (beyond repudiation) of your ticket.

What is a digital signature, and should I care?
We are going to be really brief here. A digital signature is simply a complex number the system generates that ties you to your ticket beyond “repudiation” (that’s an industry buzzword that means it mathematically authenticates your identity). The system generates a signature for every ticket. This digital signature is encrypted and encoded within the two-dimensional bar code on your ticket (the funny-looking square).   No, you really should not care. Much like the automatic transmission in your car, we really don’t want you to be a mechanic, just a good driver!

What do I do if I forget my transaction ID or PIN?
When you purchased your tickets, you were sent an e-mail confirmation of your purchase. This e-mail confirmation included your Transaction ID and PIN. Please print this out and save it in a safe place. These numbers are used for security checks in transferring tickets or recovering tickets that have been lost or stolen.

What do I do if my printer jams?
If your printer jams while you are printing your ticket(s), the first thing to do is determine the cause of the printer malfunction. After that, all you need to do is click on print again. Your browser should still contain the image of the ticket(s) you had been printing and can be printed again.   Remember, only the first copy of a ticket scanned at an event will be admitted. Subsequent copies of a single ticket that are scanned will be read as invalid and not admitted.

Do I need any special paper to print the ticket?
No special paper is required to print your ticket – just a good quality paper you probably have in your printer already.

How many Air & Water Show tickets may be purchased?
Attendees of the Milwaukee Air & Water Show may purchase an unlimited number of reserved seating tickets. In addition, Tickets are required for admission beginning Saturday, July 15th, through Sunday, July 16th. Each ticket is good for ONE day. Additional tickets for all seating areas, are available at the Air Show Box office. Tickets are good only for the date displayed on the ticket.  

Can I purchase online tickets for my spouse, children and guests at different times?
Yes. You may purchase your ticket online and then return to the website at a later time to purchase tickets for those people. Original ticket limits will apply. See question above.

What is your Privacy Policy?
Lately, there has been a lot of concern regarding privacy in e-commerce. We want to address your concerns and explain to you why we ask what we do and how we use that information. Certain basic information is required to process any credit card purchase: name, address, telephone number, credit card number, and the date of expiration on the card. Usually the address you give must be the same as the one to which credit card bills are sent. This is to ensure YOUR security, so that no unauthorized purchases are made and sent to third parties. In addition to this basic information, we request your e-mail address, so that we may send you a confirmation of your purchase. This also helps to ensure your security and validate your identity. Remember, this e-mail provides your transaction ID and PIN!  Milwaukee Air & Water Show does not share, rent, or sell the personal contact information of its members, past members or customers with any third party. 

Redeeming Your Ticket at The Milwaukee Air & Water Show

How do I redeem this ticket?
When you arrive at The Milwaukee Air & Water Show, have your printed ticket with you. You can exchange your printed tickets for a wristband at the air show gate, and may then enter the reserved seating area, wearing your wristband. Some admission areas will have a separate line for Advance Purchase Ticket holders to expedite your admission. Look for signs directing you to the proper line. The ticket will be scanned to verify the information so it cannot be used more than one time. You will then be given the appropriate wristband(s) that permit entry to the grounds.

What time do the gates open?        The gates open each day at 8 a.m.

Refund Questions

What is the Milwaukee Air & Water Show’s refund policy?
All Reserved admission tickets are non-refundable, similar to any ticket you might purchase for a baseball game, auto race, or concert. The Air & Water Show goes on rain or shine, there are no refunds, exchanges, chargebacks, or rain checks.

What if it rains, there is bad weather, and the daily air show is cancelled?
While the daily afternoon air show is a highlight of the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, the event encompasses much more than the air show each afternoon. The event features a 90-minute Water Show, Exhibits, Displays, and ample Food and Beverage Vendors, placed along Lincoln Memorial Drive to see. The Milwaukee Air & Water Show continues rain or shine. In case of severe weather that forces evacuation of the grounds prior to the air show, the Milwaukee Air & Water Show refund policy will apply. All Air & Water Show acts are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Air And Water Show staff, and is subject to adverse weather, any meteorological conditions that prevent safe flight, or any other “weather-permitting / controlling factors affecting air and water show acts and / or performances.  We appreciate your understanding.

I Forgot My Tickets?
Oh no! I’ve traveled all the way to Oshkosh and now I can’t find my tickets! What do I do?  Remember these tickets should be treated and guarded just as you would treat a ticket to a pro sporting event or a concert – that is, very carefully. There is one option that can still save you, though, that was mentioned previously above: When you purchased tickets, you were assigned a transaction ID and you selected a PIN. When you wish to have a ticket re-issued because you have lost or misplaced it, go to the main page and click on “Reissue tickets that have been lost or stolen.” You will be prompted to enter your transaction ID and your PIN. The system will then invalidate the ticket that was lost or stolen and create a new ticket for you to print. The new ticket will be available for printing as it was when you first purchased it. If you are unable to reprint your transaction prior to arrival, tickets can be checked in from a smartphone or iPad. The Milwaukee Air & Water Show admissions volunteers can also assist with computer look-up on transactions. The old ticket will immediately be invalidated and cannot be used. If it is presented at the venue, it will be invalid.

Who is eligible for the Veteran / Active Military rates?
The Veteran and Active Duty Military rate is intended for individuals that are active duty, veterans, retirees or reservists of any branch of the U.S. military. We ask that those using this type of ticket be ready to present proof of military service at the gate when their ticket is exchanged for a wristband.

What constitutes “proof of military service”?
Sufficient proof of military service can be in the form any of the following: Certificate of Release or Discharge (DD Form 214 or its predecessors); Active Duty, Reserve, or Retired military ID (CAC, DD Form 2, DD Form 1173); valid membership card in any veteran’s association/group. 

All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Alcohol will be served in accordance with Wisconsin State Law.
Please do not bring large coolers or backpacks into the reserved seating areas.
Make sure you take your ticket / printout with you to the air and water show.
Reserved seating areas are not numbered.
ATMs are located at the air show box office, located at the show site.
Convenience fees apply. No additional fees are charged for on-site box office sales.

Mail, Fax, & Phone Orders
All ticket packages are available via internet, U.S. mail, email, or phone.

Order Online:
Please order online. Go to TIckets page.

U.S. Mail:
Please send all mail orders, with check or money order, with your mailing address, and all other ticket request information including WHICH DAY day you want to go to the show, to the air show office at:
                             Milwaukee Air & Water Show, Inc.
                             923 East Layton Ave.
                             Milwaukee, Wis 53207

Phone:          Please call the air show office at 414-482-2069

Email:            Send an email directly to: [email protected].

Customer Service:  M-F, 9am-5pm   Call 414-482-2069

Group Pricing:
Large groups can reserve sections by calling 414-482-2069, or by contacting us before July 1st, 2017.

Pre-Order Cutoff Dates & Times:
The cut-off date for reserved seating orders by Phone, U.S. Mail, or Email, is MONDAY, July 1st, 2017, at 6:00 pm. After the 7/1/17 deadline, all tickets will be available online , or IN PERSON ONLY at the air show box office, during the event.

Walk-up Air Show Box Office Location:
All CenterPoint Box, Flight-Line Club, and Sky Chalet reserved tickets will be available during the week-end of the Air and Water show, at the Air Show Box Office, which is located along the EAST side of Lincoln Memorial Drive, across from Villa Terrace, approx., 200 yards south of the Northpoint Custard Stand. Free, convenient 10-minute curbside parking is available in front of the box office.

Dates, Times and Hours of the 2017 Air Show Box Office:                        

FRIDAY,  July 14th:        9:00 am – 5:00 pm
SATURDAY, July 15th:   8:00 am – 5:00 pm
SUNDAY, July 16th:       8:00 am – 2:00 pm

All U.S. Mail / Phone / Email Order payments will be processed during the months of June and July, and tickets will be mailed beginning June 1st, 2017.

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